is an empty website that is dedicated to the propagation of browser-based scam. It tricks unsuspecting users into subscribing to its push notification by employing social-engineering tactics and then starts generating unsolicited ads on the device's screen. is just the first in a series of virtually the same websites with names running from Net01 through Net05. They work the same way and follow the same scheme - all visitors are shown a fake e-captcha message that encourages them to click the 'Allow' button in order to prove that they are not a robot. The exact text of the messages displayed by is: ' wants to Show notifications' and 'Click Allow if you are not a robot.'

Clicking the button, however, has a totally different outcome as it actually grants the scam website the permissions it needs to start displaying third-party ads to the user. The pop-up advertisements could seriously disrupt the normal browsing of the affected device.

It is advised to deal with as soon as possible as the whole process is neither complicated nor time-consuming. All it takes to free yourself from this scam is to open the 'Settings' menu of the affected browser, navigate to the permissions section, locate and revoke all of the permissions associated with it.


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