Nebula Search

The Nebula Search application is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that you should not waste your time with. The Nebula Search application may claim to enhance your browsing quality, but it is highly unlikely that it would.

Upon installing the Nebula Search utility, you may notice some changes in your Web browser. The motive for this is that the Nebula Search application will set up the as your default search engine automatically. This may end up reducing your browsing quality as the search aggregator affiliated with the Nebula Search application is not likely to offer you high-quality service. The goal of the Nebula Search application is to boost the traffic and the revenue generated by the website.

It is never a good deal to install dodgy applications like the Nebula Search utility. If you have installed the Nebula Search application on your PC, it is advisable to remove it with the assistance of a reputable, modern anti-virus solution.


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