Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers is part of an online scam which involves fake search engines. Aside from rogue security programs, fake search engines are some of the most common online scams associated with browser hijackers. The family of fake search engines is characterized by similarly named URLs, all using the words 'davinci server' preceded with a random word, usually a positive adjective. This family of fake search engines is a direct successor of the 'searchsystem' family of rogue search engines, characterized by using a similar naming procedure with the words 'search system'. Remember, the names of these fake search engines mean nothing. Their aim is the same: to force you to visit unsafe websites, in order to infect your computer system and to generate revenue for the criminals behind them. If you are been forced to visit repeatedly, this is the most definitive symptom of a browser hijacker infection. ESG security researchers strongly recommend making sure that your computer system is secure and removing any Trojan infections on your computer system with a strong, fully-updated anti-malware application. The main danger of websites such as lies in the fact that they are often allied with a variety of known malware threats.

Malware Associated With the Fake Search Engine

The fake search engine is not too dangerous itself. The main danger with these kinds of threats is their use of browser hijackers. The whole family of rogue search engines associated with has been linked to the ZeroAccess rootkit and the Google Redirect Virus. Because rootkits are known to be some of the most dangerous forms of malware capable of infecting a system at its deepest levels, ESG security researchers consider anything associated with these kinds of threats a severe security risk. The website is also linked to dangerous websites associated with malware, such as Entering any search into the fake search engine invariably leads to a list of malicious websites such as this one, which contain malware or are actively involved in known online scams. The family of rogue search engines serves as a kind of intermediary between the user and these kinds of threats. In this way, it is almost certain that visiting is both the result and the cause of many severe malware infections. Failure to act upon a infection will often result in severe consequences such as identity theft or further malware infections.


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