is an empty website that wants to trick people into subscribing to its push notifications. All who fail to notice the website's tricks will start seeing unwanted advertisements that could soon become disruptive enough to interfere with the affected device's normal browsing.

However, before it can execute its goal, must acquire the needed permissions for it to display third-party advertisements. By leveraging several social-engineering tactics, the website relies on its visitors not to pay too much attention to the fake error messages presented in front of them. Indeed, displays several messages with different text that all have the same goal - convincing the user into clicking 'Allow.' The most widely used tactic among misleading websites is to pose as fake captcha checks and ask the users to click 'Allow' to confirm that they are not robots.

While the consequences of falling for's tricks may not be that serious, it is still recommended to revoke the permissions acquired by the site by going to the 'Settings' menu of your respective browser.


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