By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers Image is a low quality search engine that is associated with a browser hijacker. The website itself looks like a generic search engine website; like Google without the Google logo, Doodle or any of Google's content. Essentially, contains a blank page with a search box in the center. However, despite the fact that looks like a legitimate search engine, does not actually let computer users carry out useful online searches. Rather, exposes computer users to advertising content, sponsored search results and marketing links that may lead to unsafe online content. If you are being redirected to or if your homepage and default search engine have been changed to without your permission, this usually indicates that a browser hijacker has been installed on your computer. Remove immediately to stop any unwanted symptoms associated with forces computer users to use low quality search engines that deliver sponsored results. Websites like are set up to expose computer users to advertising content and generate marketing revenue. There are numerous other problems with, including the fact that browser hijackers associated with may expose your computer to risky content and may keep track of your online activity in order to deliver their advertisements. Typically, these types of browser hijackers take the form of a browser toolbar or extension and are bundled with freeware or shareware software acquired from low quality, poorly-regulated sources.

The Presence of Causes Numerous Problems on Your Computer

Apart from browser redirects and unauthorized changes to your Web browser settings, browser hijackers associated with have been associated with a variety of other problems. These types of components may impair your computer's performance, causing your Web browser to become slow and to freeze frequently. Among the most common symptoms associated with browser hijackers are browser performance issues and slow page loading times. You may also notice that content, such as hyperlinks, may be inserted into what should be normal text on unrelated websites.


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