is a deceptive site that has a single goal - to trick unsuspecting users into subscribing to its push notification services. Those who fall for the tactic will start experiencing unwanted advertisements that appear straight on the screen of their device. Countless websites virtually identical to have already been put on the Internet and many more are being created every day. tries to manipulate its visitors by pretending to be performing a captcha check for bots. It prominently displays the following message:

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot! 

This is not the only misleading tactic employed by the site, though. It also shows several fake alerts and error messages. The exact text may vary, but some of the most common variants are:'

' wants to 

Show notifications says


Following the instructions will result in Nalsmoles. It is fun to receive the browser permissions it requires to execute its agenda. Users will start seeing various unsolicited advertisements. Clicking on any of them could expose users to additional security concerns. The advertisements may redirect to dubious or even compromised third-party sites that try to peddle suspicious applications that turn out to be PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or outright fake software updates that could carry serious malware threats inside them.


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