MyShortcutTab is a shady Web browser add-on that is likely to exaggerate its usefulness to trick users into installing it. However, the MyShortcutTab Web browser extension is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is not likely to bring many positive changes to your browsing experience.

As soon as you install the MyShortcutTab extension on your system, it will alter your Web browser's settings. This is done to set up an affiliated website as your default new tab page – this helps the site in question generate both traffic and revenue. The MyShortcutTab Web browser extension works in cooperation with the website. The page hosts a basic search engine that cannot compete with the quality of service of well-regarded search aggregators like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The site affiliated with the MyShortcutTab Web browser extension is not harmful, but it is not likely to boost your browsing experience in any manner.

If you want to reverse the changes applied by the MyShortcutTab add-on, it is advisable to download and install a genuine, modern anti-virus software suite that will find and remove the PUP from your PC quickly.


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