is a mostly empty website but don't let that fool you - the only reason for its creation is for the website to conduct a popular browser-based tactic. More and more such sites are being created every day. Through deceptive social-engineering tactics, users are tricked into subscribing to push-notification services of misleading websites. As a result, the affected device will start having unwanted advertisements being delivered directly to its screen.

Upon landing on, visitors will be bombarded with several fake alert or error messages. The most prominent one is displayed in the website's center, claiming that users have to 'Click Allow to prove that you are not a robot.' Another message tries a different method by proclaiming 'CLICK ALLOW TO CLOSE THIS PAGE.'

The advertisements generated by could lead the user to dubious third-party websites that could, in turn, offer suspicious software updates or try to distribute Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

The best course of action when encountering sites such as is to close them simply. However, are being affected by their tricks, just open the 'Settings' menu of your browser, navigate to the 'Permissions' sections, and remove all permissions that have been granted to this unsafe website.


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