MyDocsToPDF Search

MyDocsToPDF Search Description

The MyDocsToPDF Search Web browser extension claims to provide its users with a set of useful features. The MyDocsToPDF Search add-on is marketed as a tool that would help users convert their documents to PDF files mainly. However, the services provided by the MyDocsToPDF Search Web browser extension may be useful, but they are in no way unique. Every service that the MyDocsToPDF Search claims to offer is available for free online already. This means that it is not required to install third-party software to convert documents to PDF files.

On top of not offering any unique features, the MyDocsToPDF Search add-on also may apply changes to your Web browser without ever consulting you. This shady behavior is the reason why the MyDocsToPDF Search add-on is listed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) by cybersecurity researchers. It would appear that the MyDocsToPDF Search sets the website as a new tab page on the user's Web browser. This means that every search query executed by the user will run through the site. It is likely that the search results provided by the search engine affiliated with the MyDocsToPDF Search Web browser extension may not be the most relevant as promoted content is often prioritized.

It is best to remove the MyDocsToPDF Search add-on from your Web browser. Avoid installing dubious Web browser extensions that offer tools, which are available online free of charge already.