Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Many shady individuals online opt to build fake, useless Web pages and attempt to gain some revenue via this low-end tactic. Some of these bogus pages' goal is to trick the visitors into providing them with permission to display Web browser notifications. Instead of providing the user with useful information via the Web browser notification, like good deals or breaking news, operators of shady websites like the page will bombard them with unwanted advertisements.

Uses a Variety of Social Engineering Tricks

To trick their visitors into allowing them to display Web browser notifications, the operators of the site claim that the user needs to complete a CAPTCHA to confirm they are not a robot. However, this is not a legitimate CAPTCHA, and clicking on the 'Allow' button the site will present you with will give it permission to display browser notifications. Another trick used by this dodgy Web page is to claim that their visitor can enter a prize giveaway if they click on the 'Allow' button. But this is not all - the operators of the site have one more trick in their bag. The dodgy website would appear to host interesting content such as an engaging video or high-resolution photo gallery. However, if the visitor wants to view the content, they have to click on the 'Allow' button. All these tricks are nothing more than social engineering techniques, and the website provides absolutely no value to its visitors.

Promotes Shady Products and Services

The advertisements that the site spams its visitors with are likely to promote untrustworthy, low-quality products and bogus, overpriced services. This is due to the fact that shady websites like the page tend to work with dodgy advertising networks that promote dubious content.

If you are being spammed with irrelevant and unwanted advertisements, you should go to your Web browser settings and revoke all permissions given to the site immediately.


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