myAppStash, otherwise known as MyAppStash Appbar, is a potentially unwanted program that may run in the Web browser as a toolbar and web plug-in. myAppStash may primarily be produced to hijack the Web browser in order to replace the search provider and divert online searches in any well-known search service to a questionable search system that is connected with myAppStash. myAppStash may be generated to benefit from clicks advertisement and increased web traffic. myAppStash may replace the Web browser's default start page to the related search engine. myAppStash may also replace the Web browser's built-in search box and the address bar.

File System Details

myAppStash may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. C:\Program Files\myappstashvtb\myappstashvDx.dll
2. C:\Program Files\myappstashvtb\uninstall.exe
3. C:\Program Files\myappstashvtb\ffHelper.exe
4. C:\Program Files\myappstashvtb\ToolbarCleaner.exe
5. C:\Program Files\myappstashvtb\dtuser.exe
6. C:\Program Files\myappstashvtb\myappstashvtb.dll


myAppStash may call the following URLs:


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