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MSN Redirect Virus

By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers

MSN Redirect Virus is a name commonly given to a well known browser hijacker that is also commonly referred to as the Google Redirect Virus. This malware infection receives these names because its main mode of attack is redirecting online searches executed on the most well-known search engines, including both MSN Search and Google. Criminals use the MSN Redirect Virus to direct computer users to fake search engine websites or web pages that are set up with the sole purpose of displaying numerous advertisements and profiting from pay per click marketing schemes.

While the websites that are associated with the MSN Redirect Virus are rarely severe threats to a computer and the MSN Redirect Virus' payload itself rarely goes beyond causing browser redirects, ESG security researchers still consider that the MSN Redirect Virus is a very dangerous malware infection that should be dealt with immediately. This is because most MSN Redirect Virus infections are associated with the presence of a severe rootkit infection on the victim's computer. If your web browser is directing you to unknown websites after carrying out a search on MSN or another popular search engine, you should use a reliable anti-malware application (preferably with anti-rootkit capabilities) to remove the MSN Redirect Virus completely from your computer.

Most websites generate revenue through advertisements. In fact, there is nothing wrong with pay-per- click advertising and it is one of the main sources of income for many website owners. However, criminals exploit these systems by using malware like the MSN Redirect Virus to force computer users to view these advertisements repeatedly. While most websites attract visitors by providing quality content or useful services, criminals use the MSN Redirect Virus to take the choice away from computer users, forcing them to view their advertisements despite the fact that the website containing them has little or no content whatsoever.

Most of the time, MSN Redirect Virus redirects will occur after carrying out a search on MSN, Google or another popular search engine. The MSN Redirect Virus changes the search results so that they link to unrelated websites containing advertising or known online scams. Inexperienced computer users that are directed to these websites may not understand that these redirects are abnormal and are likely to click on advertising or content on these low quality websites, generating revenue for the criminals behind the MSN Redirect Virus.


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