Mr PC Cleaner

Mr. PC Cleaner is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program. However, unlike full-fledged threats, PUPs like Mr. PC Cleaner are relatively simpler to remove and less destructive than rogue security applications. Yet, this does not mean that Mr. PC Cleaner may not cause a large number of problems on affected computer systems. In fact, a Mr. PC Cleaner infection may cause the affected computer to become nearly unusable. This occurs because Mr. PC Cleaner may cause numerous problems on affected computers and compromise your computer system's security. It is important to understand that Mr. PC Cleaner presents a threat to your computer that should be removed immediately. Despite the fact that Mr. PC Cleaner is marketed as a security application and performance enhancer, Mr. PC Cleaner actually does the opposite of this, presenting a security risk and severely affecting your computer's performance.

Mr. PC Cleaner isn't Intended to Help PC Users

Mr. PC Cleaner may cause a wide variety of symptoms and performance problems. Computer systems may become slow, unresponsive and crash frequently as a consequence of having Mr. PC Cleaner installed. Mr. PC Cleaner may also be associated with other symptoms such as Web browser redirects and unwanted Web browser pop-ups. Because of this, PC security researchers advise computer users to remove Mr. PC Cleaner immediately with the help of a strong, reliable security application.

Turning Your Computer Clean without Mr. PC Cleaner

Mr. PC Cleaner should be uninstalled at once, using a security program that is fully up-to-date. However, often uninstalling Mr. PC Cleaner is not enough to stop many of its problems. What causes it is the fact that Mr. PC Cleaner may be bundled with unwanted components that may cause problems on affected computers, such as threats or other PUPs. That's why it is very important to take steps to ensure that your computer was not compromised, performing full anti-malware scans and undoing any unwanted changes to your computer's settings.

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