The website is a fake, empty Web page that may lure you in by promising interesting or unique content and features. However, this is nothing more than a lie, as this website does not host any valuable content.

The goal of the site is not to provide users with any content of value, but to hijack their Web browser notifications. This is known as the ‘Please Click Allow to Continue’ online tactic. If you try to launch the site, you will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button on a prompt displayed by the page to prove that you are not a robot. This is a fake CAPTCHA test that only serves to permit the website to send you push-notifications via your Web browser. If you allow the dodgy page to send you Web browser notifications, you will most certainly be flooded with unwanted advertisements. The site would use Web browser notifications to display various advertisements. If you are viewing ads affiliated with the activity of the page, it is advisable to avoid engaging with them. This is because sites like the page tend to promote shady services and products of low-quality.

To stop the advertisement flood initiated by the website, revoke all the permissions granted to the page using your Web browser’s settings.