MovieSearchTV is a rogue software program classified by malware researchers as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Once it has infiltrated a targeted device, MovieSearchTV undertakes specific changes in the installed browser's settings with the purpose of promoting the fake search

The modifications affect the browser's homepage, default search engine, and new tab URL, whereby MovieSearchTV assigns the browser to open the address of the promoted search tool on each launch. All search queries also are redirected through the hijacker's questionable URL to sponsored third-party websites, generating advertising revenues for the owners of MovieSearchTV. As fake Web searchers do not have the technical ability to conduct online searches, they derive a results page through some legit search engine, like Bing or Yahoo.

Researchers consider MovieSearchTV a Potentially Unwanted Program due to its questionable distribution methods. Usually, it comes bundled within the installation package of another program, and users do not even notice that it has been installed on their computers. Furthermore, as a browser hijacker, MovieSearchTV can have additional harmful features. It can limit users' ability to recover the initial settings of the affected browser without removing the underlying software that has altered them. Also, most PUPs have data-tracking features, which implies severe privacy issues. The tracked data may include browsing history, search terms, geolocations and even login details. To ensure your device's integrity and data, you can remove MovieSearchTV through an automated malware removal tool.


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