Montera Toolbar

Montera Toolbar Description

The Montera Toolbar is a potentially dangerous program that can expose your computer to irritating advertisements. Many computer users have reported various unwanted symptoms associated with the Montera Toolbar. Because of this, the Montera Toolbar should be treated as a potential threat to your computer and uninstalled immediately.

Consequences of a Montera Toolbar Infection

The Montera Toolbar is considered as adware. There are several reasons for this:

  • The Montera Toolbar is developed by a company that has been associated with other adware infections similar to the Montera Toolbar, such as the Claro Search Toolbar.
  • Programs like the Montera Toolbar are often distributed using malicious methods. For example, the Montera Toolbar may be installed without the computer user's permission after installing a freeware program or after visiting a compromised website that takes advantage of known software vulnerabilities to install malware on the victim's computer.
  • Once installed, the Montera Toolbar makes changes to the targeted computer's settings that allow the Montera Toolbar to display irritating advertisements or keep track of the computer user's online activity.

Despite the fact that the Montera Toolbar is marketed as a solution for carrying out online searches more effectively, searches carried out using the Montera Toolbar and its associated search engine actually result in sponsored links that are often unrelated to the computer user's search keywords. These search results will often lead the computer user to websites containing malware or known scams such as phishing websites or Web pages promoting fake anti-malware software.

Undoing the Changes Made by the Montera Toolbar

The Montera Toolbar should be uninstalled immediately with the help of a reliable anti-malware application. Despite the fact that it is often possible to remove the Montera Toolbar through normal means, some of its components may remain on your computer. Because of this, ESG security researchers recommend following the removal process with a thorough scan of your computer with a reliable, fully updated anti-malware application. Once this has been carried out, it is important to restore your Web browser's settings manually. The Montera Toolbar may change your Web browser's homepage and default search engine; both of these changes may need to be undone manually in order to prevent further exposure. To avoid the Montera Toolbar, ESG malware analysts advise browsing the Web safely and taking extra care when installing freeware programs.

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