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By GoldSparrow in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 13,124
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 285
First Seen: May 27, 2014
Last Seen: August 5, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Monkeytize is an adware. Monkeytize is a Potentially Unwanted Program that is quite difficult to remove and affects other components on the affected computer, besides the Web browser. Although most adware infections cause pop-up windows and unwanted symptoms on the victim's Web browser, Monkeytize also causes pop-up windows in other programs, such as the Steam client, which is used for online gaming. Monkeytize's pop-up advertisements are used to promote known tactics, shady online services and low quality products. Once Monkeytize is installed, Monkeytize causes pop-ups to appear as soon as the computer user starts up Windows. Like most adware threats, Monkeytize affects the most widely used Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, besides this, Monkeytize also causes pop-up links and advertisements on the affected computer's Desktop and other programs such as Steam.

As a PUP, Monkeytize is Better Off of Your Computer

Monkeytize makes unwanted changes to your computer's DNS settings in order to create Web browser redirects. Monkeytize also affects your computer's registry and drops potentially harmful files. Monkeytize may be used to track on your online activity and your Web browser activity in order to profit at your expense. Monkeytize also may be associated with threats that may track your keystrokes or take screen shots of your computer. Because of this, PC security researchers recommend taking immediate action if Monkeytize is installed on your computer.

Identifying Problems that may be Linked to Monkeytize and Similar PUPs

Several issues that may be created by adware and PUPs like Monkeytize are exemplified below:

  • Monkeytize may affect your Internet connectivity, causing Web pages to load slowly or not loading at all.
  • Monkeytize may cause your Web browser to crash constantly as well as causing it to perform poorly or slow down dramatically.
  • Monkeytize may cause your computer to freeze frequently.
  • Monkeytize may be used to control which websites you visit, may cause Web browser redirects, pop-ups and other unwanted behaviors.
  • Monkeytize may compromise your security by tracking your online activity for marketing purposes.


Monkeytize may call the following URLs:


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