MobiHok RAT

Smartphones have become an unavoidable part of our lives, and we often rely on them to store sensitive information, private photos, or even to complete financial transactions. This is why it is not a surprise that cybercriminals are paying more and more attention to the security holes in Android devices, and they also focus on developing hacking tools that are compatible with Android. One of the up-to-date entries to the long list of Android-compatible malware is called ‘MobiHok RAT.’ This Remote Access Trojan is being sold on hacking forums currently, and its author also is using YouTube and Facebook to advertise the features that this malicious application has.

A Copycat of the SpyNote RAT being Sold Online

Malware researchers who examined a sample of the MobiHok RAT (also known as MobeRat), report that it shares a lot of resemblances with another Android RAT that is already detected by reputable anti-virus engines, the SpyNote RAT. It is likely that ‘mobeebom,’ the user advertising the MobikHok RAT, has taken SpyNote’s source code and reworked it to look like a different product.

One of the interesting things about MobiHok RAT’s advertisement is that potential customers also can opt to buy out the full source code of the RAT. The author has priced this offer at $15,000 – this might seem like a very hefty price, but if the source code falls in the hands of expert malware developers, they may end up making it much more powerful.

MobiHok Sports a Keylogger Module

According to the thread selling the MobiHok RAT, this hacking tool has the ability to bypass security mechanisms implemented by Google Play and Samsung. Furthermore, the attacker can access the user’s applications, phone configuration, text messages and file system. MobiHok RAT’s operator also can send remote commands, initialize a keylogger module, or deploy and execute additional corrupted files on the compromised device.

Protecting your Android devices from threats like the MobiHok RAT can be achieved by following the best security practices, and relying on a reputable anti-virus product to keep you safe. Remember that you should never download Android applications from unknown sources, and always check the reviews and ratings of Google Play applications as well.


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