MixBuilder is an adware-laced Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is affecting Mac users by finding a way to get inside their devices to do what it was configured to, which is to display numerous advertisements that will prevent the user from enjoying a productive and normal browsing experience. The advertisements displayed by MixBuilder can take the form of pop-ups, banners and other advertising forms, which may promote fake software and updates, redirect the user to suspicious and even corrupted websites, open a path to malware and interfere with the device's performance.

PUPs and adware are not considered threatening applications because, by themselves, they will not cause any harm to the machines hosting them. However, some of their actions, such as the ones described above, may end up putting in danger the users and the devices, concerning privacy and data leaking especially. Therefore, if you notice the presence of adware on your device, no matter if it is a Mac or a Windows operating system, the recommended reaction is to remove it right away. If you want it to be done quick and securely, use an anti-malware program.


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