Misleading:Win32/Lodi!MSR Description

The Windows Defender Antivirus uses the Mislead-ing:Win32/Lod!MSR detection name to signal a potential threat that may be present on the user's system. It is of key importance that the detection of the threat is not based upon a key piece of software or file per se but is instead applying heuristic methods to identify a potential unsafe activity. Every legitimate anti-malware application utilizes such techniques when looking for and identifying potential malware that may be present on the user's computer. However, even if the said anti-virus tool pre-sents you with the Misleading:Win32/Lod!MSR detection alert that does not mean that there is an unsafe activity taking place on your system necessarily. Sometimes, harmless files downloaded from trustworthy sources may trigger a false positive and spawn the Mislead-ing:Win32/Lod!MSR alert.

Scan the File in Question with a Third-Party Security Tool

However, despite the fact that there is no guarantee that there is an issue on your computer when you are present-ed with the Misleading:Win32/Lod!MSR alert, it is still not a good idea to disregard the warning of the Windows De-fender Antivirus. If you happen to see this alert, even when it is in regard to a file you deem safe, it is better to use a third-party anti-malware tool to scan the file that has been flagged for suspicious behavior.

Often, the Misleading:Win32/Lod!MSR alert may seem in-timidating, but do not forget that sometimes it may exag-gerate the scope of the threat unintentionally or even flag files that are completely harmless. Sometimes, the alert may be in regard to disk cleanup, optimization of the reg-istry, etc. PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are likely to spawn a Misleading:Win32/Lod!MSR alert, and it is best to remove the PUP in question from your system immediately. If you get a Misleading:Win32/Lod!MSR se-curity alert, do not forget to run the file that triggered it through a third-party scanner that will help you identify whether the file poses a threat to your system or not.