MIRC Orifice 3.1.1

MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) which is a tool used by hackers to gain remote access and control of the user's PC. The hacker will infect the user's computer through an e-mail or File and Print Sharing. A "server" is used to enable the hacker to connect to a "client" on his own machine. MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 has the capabilities of stealing the user's sensitive private information, delete important files and even crash the user's PC. MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 gives the hacker the ability to remain hidden from the user by creating a backdoor. MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 has some added malicious features: this RAT was specifically created to disturb and disrupt operation by IRC channel users. In addition MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 has worm features as it will try to infect as many computers as possible. The infection originated in January 2000 and the author of MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 is believed to be a hacker called Tarako.

File System Details

MIRC Orifice 3.1.1 may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. moclient_3.1.1.mrc
2. mirc_orifice_3.1.1.txt
3. mirc_orifice_3.1.1.mrc


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