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Ministerstvo Vnutra Virus

By Domesticus in Ransomware

Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus is a Police Ransomware Trojan that attacks computers with an IP address corresponding to the country of Slovakia. Computers outside of Slovakia will rarely be targeted by the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus variant of these kinds of scams. Typically, the Trojan responsible for installing Police Ransomware infections will detect the infected computer's location and then install a variant corresponding to that country. Therefore, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus will attack computers in Slovakia while a computer in a different region will be attacked by a variant corresponding to that region. The Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus and its variants are region-specific in that they use the targeted country's flag, language, and other characteristics in their attack. It is important to remember that, despite its scary message and threatening tactics, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus is part of a well known online scam that can be stopped with the assistance of reliable anti-malware software.

The Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus blocks access to the infected computer by altering the victim's system settings and Registry. This results in an inability to access software or Windows components on the victim's computer. When the infected computer is turned on, and the victim logs into Windows, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus displays a threatening message that purportedly is sent by the Slovakian police. In this message, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus accuses the victim of viewing underage pornography and downloading forbidden material from the Web and then threatens the victim with imprisonment and enormous fines. However, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus claims that the Slovakian police will pardon these offenses if a 100 Euros 'penalty' is paid via Ukash (a service that allows computer users to make online payments). Of course, since the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus is not really associated with the police, computer users should refrain from following its instructions. It is important to note that making the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus payment will not unlock the affected machine, making this an ineffective way of gaining access to the infected computer.

Preventing a Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus Infection

ESG security researchers advise to protect your computer from the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus by taking the following measures:

  • Use a reliable anti-malware application to protect your computer.
  • Never open unsolicited email attachments of embedded links.
  • Avoid visiting websites containing unsafe content (such as pornographic websites or websites dealing with pirated software and media).
  • Always keep your software and operating system completely updated.


The following messages associated with Ministerstvo Vnutra Virus were found:

POZOR! Vas pocitac je zablokovany kvoli aspon jedneho z dovodov uvedenych nizsie.
Boli ste chyteni pri prezerani alebo distribuciu zakazane produkcie pornografickym obsahom (Detska pornografia/Zoofilia a atd). A tym porusujete clanok 202 trestneho zakonnika Slovenskej Republiky.
Pokuty mozu byt vyplatene az az pocas 72 hodin po poruseni. Akonahle 72 hodin uplynuti, moznost zaplatit pokutu vyprsi, a trestne konanie je zacate proti Vas automaticky pocas najblizsich 72 hodin!
Vyska pokuty je SKK 2000 alebo 100.
Mozete zplatit pokutu pomocou PaySafeCard alebo Ukash.


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