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'' Screen Locker

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The '' Screen Locker is a typical Windows locker Trojan that you may install by loading illicitly obtained games and downloading seemingly legitimate software from questionable platforms. The '' Screen Locker is a Trojan that displays a fake BSOD (Blues Scree of Death) error message on Windows 10 devices. The '' Screen Locker may pose as a legitimate instrument by Microsoft Corp. that has detected an invalid Windows installation and proceeded to encrypt your files. The '' Screen Locker blocks the users from accessing the desktop, the Task Manager and the Taskbar. PC users that experience the '' Screen Locker are shown the following message:

'Your WIndows has been Banned
Dead Windows User, Your PC have been banned and we are sorry to say that we are now
Hijacking (legally) to your computer and we are not trying to Encrypt (lock) your files,
because of Fake Windows.
To Know more about this kinds of Windows bans, Visit :
What to do now?
Solution Found!!!
Yes, To Unlock Your PC Now, You can 2 things, You have to pay us
in order to Unblock your pc or we will delete all of your files now!
Payment Information :
We are demanding 200$ (USD)
Send it Via Paypal to :
Already Registered Windows? Give Code Here [text box] SUBMIT'

The Windows activation procedure and "unbanning" described above is not legitimate. Computer hackers operate the '' Screen Locker, and you should not follow the instructions mentioned above. You can get information on how to activate Windows at h[tt]ps://[.]com/en-us/help/12440/windows-10-activation. Computer security researchers found that the '' Screen Locker Trojan includes a code that you can enter and disable the program. You can enter the code '30264410' (without quotation marks) and have the '' Screen Locker disabled. Then, clicking the 'SUBMIT' button would bring another full-screen message that says:

'Dear Windows User_.
Your Windows have been successfully Activated. And Now You can freely use your PC. We have restored
your files and None have been deleted. We are thanking you for buing a code that's it. Now you need to
remove a specific file then you will never get this ERROR.
#Lets Get Started
1. Enter "30264410" at the footer of your Error as a Passcode
2. Then Windows Key + R
3. Type shell:startup
4. Delete the file winbanexe (or all files)
Thanks for Buying the Passcode. Wish you could have no Virus from today.

Do not pay money to the team behind the '' Screen Locker. The '' Screen Locker is not developed and managed by Microsoft Corp. We advise users to install programs from their official homepages and avoid pirated content on the Internet. The files created by the '' Screen Locker should be removed with the help of a reliable anti-malware scanner.


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