'Microsoft.windowssupport0901.online' Pop-Ups

'Microsoft.windowssupport0901.online' Pop-Ups Description

The Microsoft.windowssupport0901.online domain is blacklisted by many AV vendors and Web filtering services like Google Safebrowsing, Quttera and Sucuri. The microsoft.windowssupport0901.online domain is used to promote technical support from unlicensed companies and direct users to install riskware. We have seen several clones of the microsoft.windowssupport0901.online portal that are hosted on the IP address and include:

  • Microsoft.windowssupport0803.online
  • T.echsupport1209.site
  • Su.pport1309.site

There are reports that suggest users may be redirected to microsoft.windowssupport0901.online and related pages by clicking on corrupted links, ads displayed by adware and browser hijacking software. Security experts note that the microsoft.windowssupport0901.online domain features a JavaScript code that may cause errors in your browser and prevent the visitor from closing the Internet client. Moreover, the user is presented with a pop-up box that offers the following message:

'***Don't Restart Your Computer***
The following information was found on this error:
An unsupported or invalid partition type was detected.
The infections detected indicate some recent downloads on the computer which in turn has created problems on the computer. Call technical support (0)203-808-8348 and share this code B2957E to the Agent to fix This.'

The 'microsoft.windowssupport0901.online' pop-up alert may be presented on a background that is a screenshot of Support.microsoft.com, Windows Defender and a BSOD error. You should not call the phone numbers listed on microsoft.windowssupport0901.online and the pages mentioned above. Security analysts note that these phone lines are operated by con artists and many pages related to microsoft.windowssupport0901.online are known to host exploits that are detected by AV vendors as:

  • Exploit.SWF_c.CAL
  • SWF/Trojan.YWCL-5
  • Exploit:SWF/Netis
  • JS.Redirector.F
  • Trojan.HTML.k
  • Script.Packed.Agent.F@susp
  • Ransom:JS/FakeBsod.A
  • Uds.Dangerousobject.Multi!c

Computer users may be invited to install riskware and allow remote access to their PCs if they call (0)203-808-8348. Researchers alert that uncertified technicians can cause problems with your OS and use that as a reason to offer fixes and patches if you are willing to subscribe to their services. In most cases that involve technical support tactics, users are welcome to spend more than 300USD to have the 'microsoft.windowssupport0901.online' pop-ups removed, and their PCs cleaned. You should not call (0)203-808-8348 or follow instructions on pages linked to microsoft.windowssupport0901.online. Experts advise users to install a trustworthy anti-spyware scanner that can remove browser hijacking software and block connections to phishing portals like microsoft.windowssupport0901.online.