Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

One of the most popular tactics online is the technical support tactic. These dirty tricks have been around for about twenty users, and it cannot be estimated how many users have fallen victims to this enticement. Usually, fraudsters would build a website that appears to be legitimate in an attempt to trick the user into trusting them. These fake Web pages would often claim that the user's system has been compromised or has some technical issues. Oftentimes, the con artists also would claim that the supposed problem needs to be taken care of urgently, or the user's system may suffer permanent damage. Of course, this is one of their social engineering tricks whose goal is to intimidate and time-pressure the user into doing what the scammers have in mind.

Claims that Your Computer has been Infected

The '' site's creators do this exactly. Their Web page presents the user with a pop-up window that claims that the user's system has been compromised by several threats, and the issue needs to be resolved this very minute. Next, the site will claim that the users can take advantage of their free PC scanning tool, which they claim will take care of the issue. If you take a look at the bottom of the bogus website, you will see that there is a link, which will trigger the download of what the scammers claim to be an anti-malware tool. It is important for users to remember that websites can never present them with any trustworthy data when it comes to their systems' security.
Furthermore, the '' site also may tamper with the settings of your Web browser utilizing a specific JavaScript code. This may lead to your browser acting in an odd manner, which may make it seem like your computer really has an issue. This is a widespread technique used by scammers perpetuating fake technical support.
If you have happened to find yourself on the '' website, we would advise against clicking on any links hosted there and leave the site straight away.


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