Threat Database Adware MicroLeaves


By GoldSparrow in Adware

MicroLeaves is an application that falls under the category of adware. This means that this application is threatening and will not harm you or your system. However, this does not mean that MicroLeaves has no negative effects on one's browsing quality. On the contrary, the MicroLeaves application can prove to be quite an irritating pest. The MicroLeaves may pester you with ads that it is able to inject in your Web browser's tabs. It also can use page redirects, as well as other online marketing methods to present you with as many advertisements as possible. Despite this not being considered as an inherently unsafe activity, it will likely cause great irritation.

Applications with dubious content like the MicroLeaves application usually end up on users' system via software bundles containing different freeware. This is not the only way, however. Such low-quality applications often use false advertising and bogus downloads to propagate themselves. Once the MicroLeaves application is installed on your PC, you will notice that this application will begin bombarding you with pop-ups, page redirects, unwanted notifications, and hyperlinked keywords in text immediately.

The MicroLeaves application labels its advertisements with 'MicroLeaves' or 'MicroLeaves Ads.' If you happen to notice advertisements with these labels, it will be best if you uninstall the MicroLeaves application from your computer manually, or alternatively, if you are not certain how to do this, you can always trust a reputable anti-malware tool to help you remove this shady application from your system.


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