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Michelangelo Virus

By GoldSparrow in Viruses

The Michelangelo Virus started its activities in Australia on March 6, 1991 (the famous Michelangelo artist was born on March 6). Its capability when it started infecting computers was to erase all data recorded on the machines' floppy disks. The Michelangelo Virus is configured to infect storage devices and startup sectors systems and operates at the BIOS level. The Michelangelo Virus can be disseminated via infected USB drives or floppy disks that when plugged into the machine and loaded, releases the Michelangelo Virus. No matter when the Michelangelo Virus infects a computer, it will stay asleep until arch 6 of the year. Then instead of erasing floppy disks data, it will overwrite the boot disk and crucial data. What makes things worse is that the damaged data will be lost forever.

The good part of the Michelangelo Virus saga is that is is not infecting new computers anymore, unless the criminals decide to reactivate, update and use it again. However, the computers that were infected before it stopped invading machines are still in danger since it will be activated on March 6 of further years and the crucial data stored on these computers will be gone for good. Therefore, keep an eye to computer news and in case of any novelty about the Michelangelo Virus, be extra attentive.


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