Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The website is a bogus Web page that is not worth visiting. This site will not offer you any unique content or useful features. Despite this, the page may market itself as a platform hosting engaging content to trick users into visiting it.

The goal of the site is to trick you into subscribing for its notifications. The page will ask its visitors to complete a fake CAPTCHA test under the pretext that they need to prove that they are not robots. The website would ask the users to click on the ‘Allow’ button displayed on their screens. If they follow these instructions, however, they will permit the site to send you notifications via their Web browser. The page will abuse this privilege to bombard them with unwanted ads relentlessly. You should avoid interacting with the advertisements associated with the website, as they may promote unsafe products and low-quality services.

If you are being flooded with advertisements associated with the activity of the site, it is best to revoke all permissions granted to this shady website. You can do this via the configurations of your Web browser.


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