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Melissa Virus

The Melissa Virus can find its way to your computer when you download software that has the Melissa Virus bundled to its installer or as an independent part of executable code. The Melissa Virus infection goes from one extremely threatening side to a harmless one. The Melissa Virus can display harmless, although upsetting messages on your desktop or simply crash your computer. The Melissa Virus also can affect the computer's performance by executing unwanted PUPs, or it can create unnecessary shortcuts to other programs. Another symptom of the Melissa Virus is the appearance of the 'Blue Screen of Death' because the operating system was damaged when the Melissa Virus changed the Windows Registry and files on system level. All of these actions are performed with only one intent; to disable the infected computer.

If you start noticing files and folders been detected without a valid reason, errors messages from the operating system, unexpected messages on your email inbox, the Blue Screen of Death, the creation of new files at the root level of your hard drive, your computer slowing down or behaving awkwardly, you need to scan your computer urgently since the consequences of an infection such as the Melissa Virus are disastrous.

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