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Media Player Pop-Ups

By Domesticus in Adware

Media Player Pop-Ups is adware that, if installed on a PC, may display annoying pop-up advertisements on the desktop of the computer system while computer users are surfing the Internet. Media Player Pop-Ups adware may circulate and enter the PC through packed free applications that PC users can downloaded from unreliable download websites on the Internet. If the computer is compromised by Media Player Pop-Ups, some hyperlinks will appear on the websites when PC users browse the Web. When the computer user hovers a mouse over these words, Media Player Pop-Ups labelled as 'Ads by Media Player' will appear. Media Player Pop-Ups may constantly divert PC users to associated websites if they click on them. The makers of Media Player Pop-Ups may earn money from sponsored links, increased traffic of the unidentified website and clicks on advertisements.


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