Users who come across the page may not suspect there is anything shady going on at first. Upon visiting the site, users will be presented with what appears to be a search engine. Visitors who attempt to use the search service on the page will be redirected to a genuine Russian search engine.

Likely Propagates PUPs via Fake Adobe Flash Update Prompts

Cybersecurity experts who looked further into the activity of the site, however, found that there are some worrying indications. It would seem that this website is affiliated with a number of pages that serve to present users with bogus 'Adobe Flash Update' prompts. Experts believe that the goal of these fake prompts is to trick visitors into downloading and installing PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Cyber crooks worldwide tend to use bogus Adobe Flash Player updates or downloads to propagate unwanted software and even highly threatening applications.

Avoid Engaging with the Website's Content

Users who often browse low-quality Web pages are likely to come across the site. If you stumble upon the website, make sure to avoid interacting with any of its content, as this site is not only linked with the propagation of PUPs but may also promote shady content. Web pages, like the site, often work in cooperation with dodgy advertising networks whose goal is to promote overpriced, low-quality services and products that are far from trustworthy.

If you have come across the website or its advertisements, it is advisable to use a reputable anti-malware solution to run a scan to locate and remove any potential PUPs that may be present on your system.


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