Maxi Buy

The Maxi Buy program from is promoted as a shopping helper that can be added to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The Maxi Buy program is packed as a browser extension that you can download and install for free. The Maxi Buy shopping helper requires the following privileges to operate as intended:

Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.

The Maxi Buy application adds an icon to the navigation panel and monitors the user's online activity. The application reads cookies saved by the sites you visit, as well as your Internet history. The Maxi Buy app supports browser notifications, and you may receive updates from online stores you visit frequently. Also, the software developers may push promotional materials to your screen via pop-ups and browser redirects. The Maxi Buy extension may display additional layers on the sites you explore and provide panels with extra offers on the same item you are viewing. PC users that may like to install the Maxi Buy extension should take into consideration the following:

'The comments and reviews published within the Service belong to third parties, and they do not guarantee the quality and performance of the products, services or merchants. The entries published by users do not express the Company’s endorsement of any opinion or advice expressed.'

The text listed above is taken from the Terms of Service at that you should read. The Privacy Policy is available at PC users are not provided with any guarantee regarding the legitimacy of the offers displayed on their screen. Also, the Maxi Buy acts as a simple mediator between you and a collection of online stores, which are not listed on There is no way to customize the range of online stores used by Maxi Buy, and you may not like the lack of control over the software. Maxi Buy is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that you may want to remove.

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