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Even though the URL appears to host a search engine, security researchers consider to be a low quality search engine. This search engine is associated with browser hijackers, which are threats that force computer users to visit repeatedly. In fact, this is the true purpose of; to host advertisements and display sponsored search results in order to profit from forcing computer users to view them repeatedly.

Many computer users have reported that their default search engine and homepage was changed to without permission. This is one of the symptoms linked to browser hijackers associated with If your web browser is forcing you to visit repeatedly, it is important to use the professional assistance of proved anti-malware applications to scan your computer and remove any browser hijackers lurking in your computer.

The website contains the 'I Feel Lucky' search engine, a reference to the 'I Feel Lucky' button in the Google search engine. However, pressing this button after carrying out a search on Google in no way should direct computer users to but to projects associated with Google, such as the Google Art Project.'s search engine is designed to display sponsored search results and contains components that prevent computer users from carrying out searches for anti-virus software or other security issues. The most important issue associated with these search results is that sponsored search results are usually near the top, allowing the people responsible for this to profit from infecting your computer with a browser hijacker.


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