By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers Image is a bogus and deceptive website, which pretends to be a legitimate and reliable search engine and is full of misleading ads; however, in reality, doesn't give any trustworthy and safe search results associated with the web user's query. is related to some browser hijackers and other malware threats such as Google Redirect Virus, Google Redirect Hijacker, Google Results Hijacker, etc. If your computer system has been infected with some of these browser hijacking threats, you will get repeatedly rerouted to and other corrupt or advertisement websites created to earn money. These browser hijackers will take over your Internet browser and make changes to some PC system settings, for example, change system files and modify the registry in a try to damage your machine. Malware threats linked to can also change your default homepage and search engine. They can also change your search results on all major search engines and trace your web browsing activities and gather personal data in order to transmit it to remote attackers. Do not enter and change your browser settings to block from opening in your browser. Also, remove all malware threats and browser hijackers associated with

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Yup, that should do the trick!


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