The website is not involved in any illicit or unsafe activity. If you happen to visit websites with dubious content frequently, you may have happened upon the website, which sometimes appears as a pop-up ad on these web pages. The Web page seems to redirect users to all sorts of shady websites that offer even shadier services – free trials for popular applications, dating websites, gambling pages, free prizes, etc. Interestingly enough, the has even gone as far as to promote supposed technical support, which is a hoax. Such fake technical support sites use social engineering to scare the user by claiming that their system has been infected with various malware, and they need to act on it immediately. Then, they often provide a phone number, and they urge the user to call them. Needless to say, stay as far as possible from such services as it may end up costing you dearly.

If you frequent shady websites chances are you may have come across the However, this is not the only solution for you to encounter the It appears that adware has a role in promoting this dubious website too. If you have adware present on your system, we would advise you to either remove it manually or use the help of a reputable security suite to remove it safely.

Often, shady websites are easy to spot, and you should be very careful when you stumble upon them. Do not open any links or download any files because chances this will mean trouble.


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