Malware Bell

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 15,620
Threat Level: 100 % (High)
Infected Computers: 24
First Seen: July 24, 2009
Last Seen: May 6, 2024
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Malware Bell 3.2, or MalwareBell, is a rogue anti-spyware program that is promoted on the Web through trojan video codecs. Malware Bell 3.2 sole intent is to take money from innocent computer users. The creators and their marketing affiliates propagate and install Malware Bell's rogue anti-spyware application through a download that is bundled with Trojan.Zlob.

Once your computer is infected with Zlob, it will display popups that look similar to Microsoft Windows system alert messages. These fake alert messages have titles such as "Warning!", "Critical System Error!" or "Your Computer Is Infected" to convince you that your computer is in danger and that you must click on the 'OK' button to fix the problem. The fake alert message redirects to or, in some cases, to other rogue websites, where there's a free download of Malware Bell. Once you've downloaded Malware Bell, it will run a scan of your computer to give a threat report and upon completion a warning message will pop up that will prompt you to purchase the Malware Bell's full version.

You must avoid clicking on any popups or system messages related to MalwareBell or Zlob. No matter how legitimate Malware Bell or it's website ( may look you should not download or purchase the Malware Bell program. Malware Bell is meant to confuse you with it's scare tactics and even use Microsoft's look and feel to make you trust it. Look for ps16sys.dll and mbuninst.exe on your Windows directory to detect the presence of Malware Bell. Malware Bell comes from the same makers of IEDefender and Files Secure.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
Sophos Mal/Emogen-AC
Prevx1 Downloader.Zlob
Microsoft Trojan:Win32/Zlob.gen!H
McAfee AdClicker-FC.gen.a
Ikarus Trojan.BHO.Agent.221184
F-Prot W32/Adware-RegBHO-based.1!Maximus
AVG Downloader.Zlob.AAQ
Avast Win32:Vapsup-EB
AntiVir TR/BHO.Agent.221184
Sophos Sus/Behav-200
Prevx1 SpywareQuake
Microsoft Trojan:Win32/Vundo.gen!D
Symantec Trojan.Vundo.B
Sunbelt Virtumonde

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Malware Bell

Malware Bell Video

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File System Details

Malware Bell may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. 3c45a7fcbaa470374d3284b4da8a0ce7c6106479f2c9008741548ecc8e26e34c.exe 95ce5863e067ee436fe0ad4b3eb1ea19 3
2. cfgbkenud.dll 31ff532b8363d531f75583466ef49dd3 1
3. qnmargolxpg.dll 1782f06acb32418dc318717657f0de09 0
4. sfoeyqen.dll b11859d70f031e0061ef2578a61a851f 0
5. kol.dll c60ba70be57e5345901cd87bb343acc2 0
6. mbl.exe d618db87da191932d67b6fc2bc304f25 0
7. qnmargolxpg.dll 7745265c740e1ead1c341bdfc8dee6b7 0
8. hlpr.dll 1189eb2897a06d0303f23537d9e21faa 0
9. qnmargolwlp.dll d8d59a2f8426361f86386c357275a4d2 0
10. xxywWmli.dll a17601e29298d315ee56d076f8fc0053 0
11. urqPiJDV.dll 19377f9691e923ac14fa3ac8c276b3de 0
12. qnmargolxpg.dll e208bc5e10a81cab3ec7740187671453 0
13. wsorad.dll other_names 2c1a871876e4dec8a3b7d35bc1e1e668 0
14. tsokru.dll other_names 06b75918d2654ffa1dd414105a254fb6 0
15. qnmargolxpg.dll 0818ed19ffa65b4eca56dfb5cb5f732b 0
16. mlJYsPhH.dll cae29e9c911460048ce400648af77e34 0
17. qnmargolqgp.dll 31e220d66b4da361990689e59647b8b3 0
18. qnmargolxpg.dll b58fb10297d2515037b8a6317222f06a 0
19. zokru.dll, there_are_many_different_name 79a1c2e141153a4e14040cbe90aceed8 0
20. pm_dll.dll c5b4adc015f33118b1b338aaea715a0d 0
21. kodo32x.dll 6e20b78114a3a77dfa4bc3a1f78fa57c 0
22. pado32n.dll paapi99n.dll nydo32r.dll, paapi2n.dll a5eb9c309c73b2c5524c6b1e44598282 0
23. kodo2n.dll 24679ff878daa732748a4e7ac507c0a0 0
24. sop_de32.dll, dop_uk16.dll, san_de16.dll, simku_de16.dll, san_de32.dll, san_uk16.dll, dan_de16.dll, san_de64.dll, sop_de16.dll, sop_de16.dll, dan_de32.dll, simku_us16.dll, san_de64.dll 62048a0d437f41a0a14af7ae94f2c05d 0
25. vtr.dll 6fe65db209b0ed45aa2c3b06483b41dd 0
26. winsurf.dll a5756baead08c0f07a81727697ab270c 0
27. koapi32r.dll, nydo99x.dll 253b0d148e210469b7bc6e8e1de35eb2 0
28. sysweb32a.dll, netapi32c.dll, netowl16c.dll 71f95dd938b493b8479d4ac530836596 0
29. malwarebell.exe 0298d69b766a44428e72ecf6b071a2d1 0
30. ps16sys.dll daf5eb73bda1296c9ff043d4218f336a 0
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