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Malware Security Alerts Weekly Report for February 20 - February 26, 2022

This week, the SpyHunter malware research team has highlighted a weekly roundup of common and critical malware threats that are currently affecting computers around the world. Take a look at this week's report and stay ahead of trending malware threats!

This Week in Malware Video

This episode discusses the following topics: How DeadBolt Ransomware targets QNAP storage devices, how "Search With Pure" is linked to potentially unwanted programs, and the CCPS Ransomware threat joins the STOP/Djvu threat family to extort money from victimized computer users.

Malware Security Alerts of the Week


The msedgewebview2.exe file is associated with a threat that hackers have leveraged to load on Windows 11 computers and run in the background undetected. The msedgewebview2.exe threat may allow hackers to imitate legitimate apps leading to serious system issues and crashes. Read more



The tone.exe file is a computer trojan horse that may be used by hackers or cybercrooks to conduct various actions on the infected system virtually controlling it or accessing other files stored on the computer's hard drive. Read more
The site is a browser hijacker that has associated components or browser extensions that may result in loading gift card promos promising $50 gift cards through annoying pop-up alerts and random advertisements. Read more is a type of website that is intrusive where its components may modify Internet or browser settings resulting in loading the homepage where computer users are presented with dubious offers, apps, fake installers, or random services that serve no good usable purpose. Read more

This Week’s Most Interesting Computer Security and Malware News

  Data-Wiping 'HermeticWiper' Malware Hits Windows Computers Amid Russian Ukraine Invasion
As the tensions in Ukraine heat up with a Russian invasion, malware threats like HermeticWiper are being leveraged by Russian hackers hitting Windows computers in the Ukraine region. Read more
  Millions of Dollars in NFTs Phished from OpenSea Users
Hackers and cybercrooks have scoured millions of dollars-worth of NFTs through a process of phishing them from the OpenSea platform's users questioning the security of the newfound NFT world. Read more