Threat Database Keyloggers Mal/Behav-004


By ESGI Advisor in Keyloggers

Mal/Behav-004 is a dangerous keylogger program that can occupy all user keystrokes that include personal details, such username, password, credit card number, etc. Mal/Behav-004 results in a critical file system vulnerability by serious malware attacks and leads to unauthorized access to private data and with a serious possibility of irretrievable data loss. Mal/Behav-004 can circulate via the network if the corrupt drive is shared on the network and enable a criminal remote access to the compromised computer. Mal/Behav-004 should be removed as quickly as possible once detected.

File System Details

Mal/Behav-004 may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. %System%\dsound.dll.sdan
2. %Temp%\kb810976.sve
3. %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\kb810976.rdc
4. %System%\dsound.dll.pmsi
5. %Temp%\kb647244.sve
6. %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\kb647244.bwb
7. %System%\dsound.dll.gdif
8. %Temp%\kb212962.sve
9. %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\kb212962.bwb
10. %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\kb212962.rdc


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