The site is a search engine, which is meant to enable its users to search through the content hosted on several hundred torrent websites. According to malware experts, using the Web page will not put your data and your system’s health at risk.

Despite the fact that the page appears to be safe to use, it is important to note that the content hosted on torrent trackers is unsafe. Torrenting websites are often known to host malware or illicit content. Downloading illicit pirated content can land you in a lot of trouble, and it is not worth the risk, certainly. Furthermore, the site will offer you torrents from dodgy sites. Many torrenting platforms have poor security checks and often allow malware to be hosted on them. This means that by downloading a torrent from one of these shady websites, you may end up infecting your PC with a threat such as a trojanized cryptocurrency miner, a RAT, a ransomware threat, etc.

If you opt to use the search engine, you need to be extra wary of the files you download. Not only is most of the content hosted on torrent trackers illicit, but it also may be threatening. Make sure your PC is protected by a genuine anti-virus solution that will keep it safe from any potential threats.


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