By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers is a harmful domain that is associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. is considered quite a bit more harmful than most low quality websites associated with PUPs because promotes a fake update that has been associated with numerous threats. contains a fake Adobe Flash Player update message that attempts to trick inexperienced computer users into downloading and installing a fake update for this popular application. Bogus Adobe Flash Player updates have, historically, been some of the most common ways of distributing threats or PUPs. Because of this, security researchers consider that poses a threat to computers. Any symptoms on your Web browser, such as redirects or pop-ups associated with, may indicate the presence of a PUP on your computer. symptoms can be stopped by removing any PUPs present on your Web browser. An updated and trustworthy anti-malware program can be a valuable aid to accomplish it.

Expelling and Its Associated PUPs from Your Computer

Since security researchers consider that and PUPs associated with may pose a threat to a computer, the following are reasons why computer users should avoid and PUPs associated with this domain:

  • The URL will try to convince computer users to download content onto their computer. Content downloaded from may consist of PUPs or even unsafe components. Because of this, security analysts advise PC users to ignore all attempts from to convince you to install or download software.
  • PUPs associated with may make changes to your computer settings that allow to display pop-up advertisements, suspicious error messages or insert marketing material into Web pages when the computer user is trying to browse the Web with the affected Web browser.
  • PUPs linked to may make changes to the affected Web browser settings, ensuring that appears as the affected Web browser's homepage or default search engine.


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