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Lyrics Virus

By LoneStar in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 746
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 60,633
First Seen: January 2, 2014
Last Seen: September 21, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Lyrics Virus is considered to be a general term used to characterize all potentially unwanted programs which may display song lyrics on YouTube and may propagate and access a PC using downloads of free programs. The browser add-ons, plug-ins and extensions associated with Lyrics Virus may be installed on the popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox without the computer user's authorization. Lyrics Virus may show annoying pop-up advertisements and may lead to serious privacy issues. Typically, Lyrics Virus may circulate via unreliable free program download websites which may use misleading methods to incorporate a variety of advertised potentially unwanted applications into the installer of the downloaded application and offer it throughout the download process. Sometimes, the 'decline' button, which can be used to opt-out installation of promoted browser add-ons, plug-ins or browser extensions may be disguised, or doesn't permit to continue the download process of the selected free application if the PC user decides no to install any other software. Once installed successfully, Lyrics associated browser extensions, add-ons and plug-ins may show a variety of random pop-up ads when surfing the Internet. Lyrics associated browser plug-ins, add-ons and extensions may also result in slowdowns of the web browser and privacy issues to the PC user.


Lyrics Virus may call the following URLs:

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