By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a tricky survey web page that may imitate a legitimate and protected website. may be linked to browser hijackers and adware that may proliferate and install themselves on a computer system as additional applications packaged with free software that is available for download on the Internet. Browser hijackers and adware pertaining to may be integrated into Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Web browsers. Security threats associated with may change the default homepage and search engine with, or open it as a new tab window. These security infections may also add numerous sponsored links into search results in any popular search provider. Sponsored links may constantly reroute computer users to untrustworthy websites that may display commercial pop-up ads and messages such as 'Congratulations Walmart Visitor!', stating that the PC user has been selected to participate in an anonymous survey about Walmart. The pop-up notification from may also declare that at the end of the short thirty second survey, the computer user will be offered an exclusive offer for his participation. may attempt to generate advertising revenue from clicks on ads and raised website traffic.


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