LuxNET RAT Description

The LuxNET RAT is a Remote Administration/Access Trojan (RAT) that cybercriminals use to perform a variety of actions on targeted computers remotely. Te LuxNET RAT functionalities include collecting data, installing additional malware on compromised devices, modifying crucial files and system processes.

The LuxNET RAT distribution methods include spam e-mail campaigns where the attackers attach a corrupted executable disguised as a regular MS Office document, PDF or an archive-type file. Websites that offer free downloads are another common channel for malware distribution, along with fake software updates and unsafe advertisements. RATs infiltrate systems unnoticed and remain silent while operating in the background. Therefore, affected users will not notice any direct symptoms of a LuxNET RAT infection.

In most cases, the LuxNET RAT is used to collect data like credit card details, login credentials for online accounts, e-mail addresses, and other information that can be misused to generate revenues for the malware operators. This RAT also allows to make unsolicited video and audio recordings on the infected computer and then blackmail the users until they pay a certain amount. Furthermore, RATs can open a backdoor on a computer through which cybercriminals can subsequently install the most severe malware threats like ransomware or Trojans.

Manual removal of the LuxNET RAT can be complicated, so malware researchers recommend using a professional anti-malware program to scan and clean up affected devices. That is the only way to protect your data and online privacy and prevent financial losses.

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