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Luxembourg Police Virus (Ransomware)

By ESGI Advisor in Ransomware

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Luxembourg Police Virus is one of the many existing variants of what is frequently designated as the Ukash Virus. Although the word 'virus' is often used by inexperienced computer users to refer to any kind of malicious software infection, the Luxembourg Police Virus is actually a variant of a well-known ransomware Trojan. These types of Trojans are designed to blackmail their victims by pretending to display messages from a police agency. In fact, they are used to steal computer users' money by preventing access to an infected computer. The Luxembourg Police Virus variant uses a ransom message written entirely in French and, although the Luxembourg Police Virus targets computers located in Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Police Virus infections may appear in other French-speaking countries. It is also crucial to notice that the Luxembourg Police Virus is not actually related to the Luxembourg Police but is rather part of a criminal operation. If your computer is blocked by the Luxembourg Police Virus, ESG malware researchers recommend removing the Luxembourg Police Virus using Safe Mode and a good anti-malware program.

The Luxembourg Police Virus scam is not difficult to understand; basically, criminals infect the victim's computer with this ransomware Trojan using social engineering tactics. Once the victim's computer has been compromised, the Luxembourg Police Virus will display a full screen message claiming to be from the Luxembourg Police. Access to all applications and files on the infected computer will be blocked by the Luxembourg Police Virus. The Luxembourg Police Virus message states that the victim must pay a one hundred Euro fine to regain control of the infected computer, and it's usually through a money transfer service such as Ukash or PaySafeCard (this is the reason why variants of the Luxembourg Police Virus are typically known as 'Ukash Virus'). There are variants of the Luxembourg Police Virus corresponding to most countries in Western Europe, with fake messages from each country's police force written in that country's official language.

ESG malware researchers recommend against paying the one hundred Euro ransom that the Luxembourg Police Virus demands. This is because the Luxembourg Police Virus infection will not be removed from your computer after making the payment. Rather, you should gain access to your computer using an alternate boot method, such as Safe Mode with a command prompt or booting from an external memory drive. Once you gain access to your computer, use an anti-malware tool to remove all traces of the Luxembourg Police Virus.


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