is one of the many rogue websites promoted by various Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). These websites have one purpose – to display promotional push notifications straight on users' screens. Obviously, people do not visit the page intentionally but get redirected to it by a compromised browser or a corrupted advertisement on the Internet. Once they get there, shows no content to its visitors. Instead, it pretends to be offering some file for free download, Yet, that is all a common clickbait technique to acquire the needed browser notifications permission.

To prompts users into giving this permission, shows a text message that says something of the kind: 'Download is Ready. Click 'Allow' to download your file.' In some cases, the website launches a bunch of other similarly dubious pages or displays potentially harmful content directly.

Pages like should be ignored and closed immediately. Their browser notifications often contain links to unsafe websites, deceptive advertisements, fake surveys, bogus online games or scripts that install malware on users' computers. Users whose browsers redirect them to should scan their device for PUAs and remove any detected issues immediately.


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