The pop-ups is a tactic that delivers unsolicited advertising content to users' computers or mobile phone directly. It operates through a rogue website named, where it acquires visitors' permission to send them messages through a fraudulent tactic. When users go to this website, they see the following misleading message:

' wants to Show notifications
Click the Allow button to subscribe to push notifications and continue watching'

It looks like the website pretends to be loading some video file. However, to do that, it needs users to click on the 'Allow' button and agree to receive notifications. Obviously, does not have any useful content, and its only purpose is to make users accept its push notifications so it can run its harmful advertising campaigns.

All advertisements displayed by can be unsafe to users' online safety as they may redirect to unsafe pages, like online gaming sites, sites with adult content, or websites that promote bowser hijackers. Many of these advertisements also may contain scripts that download and install high-damage malware on users' computers. browser notifications permission should be deleted from the browser's settings immediately. If the annoying banners keep showing up, the device is probably infected with a browser hijacker or an adware program. In that case, you can use an automated malware detection and removal tool to clean up your PC.


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