By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

There have been numerous reports of irritating pop-ups and bogus error messages that may be associated with Lpmxp2.com. Lpmxp2.com has a close relationship with Potentially Unwanted Programs. These PUPs may include adware and browser hijacker infections. Although the main purpose of advertisement platforms like Lpmxp2.com is to deliver advertisements to affected computers, Lpmxp2.com messages are harmful because they may try to carry out a social engineering tactic. The Lpmxp2.com message will notify you of the Web browser that you are using and then claim that your video player is out-of-date. Lpmxp2.com will helpfully offer to install an update for you.

PC security analysts strongly advise against downloading any content offered in a Lpmxp2.com message. The supposed 'update' may contain several PUPs. Apart from these, Lpmxp2.com is also used to distribute content that is considered more threatening than typical PUPs such as BitCoin miners, which take over your computer and use its resources to mine BitCoins. Lpmxp2.com messages may present a threat to your computer's security. Therefore, it is advised to remove all PUPs linked to Lpmxp2.com messages from your computer with an anti-malware utility.

Problems that may be Linked to Lpmxp2.com

Lpmxp2.com may be connected to several irritating symptoms on affected computers:

  • Computers affected with content linked to Lpmxp2.com may present performance issues, such as slower speeds and a tendency to crash or freeze.
  • Lpmxp2.com pop-up messages and new tabs will appear constantly on affected Web browsers, interrupting the PC users' activities and blocking them from working with the affected Web browser as normal.
  • Content linked to Lpmxp2.com may make changes to your Web browser settings. These changes may include changing your home page, default search engine and Web browser security settings to content possibly associated with Lpmxp2.com.


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