Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a questionable website that with the help of associated computer threats such as adware and browser hijackers may show an annoying pop-up alert 'For Better Viewing Performance Please Download Media Player Classic' on a computer system that may keep interrupting with a PC user's surfing activity suggesting to download bogus updates or advertising insecure websites that may be created for commercial purposes. The misleading notifcation from may be shown on those PCs that were infected with adware or browser hijackers. PC infections such as adware and browser hijackers may install itself onto the computer without the PC user's consent, or they may be installed as optional programs while downloading and installing free tools.

The notification from may pose as an update for a certain application, and many PC users may click on it without thinking that it could be connected with adware or browser hijackers. The fake alert of may encompass sponsored links which may reroute PC users to questionable websites that may be designed for commercial purposes. If the computer user clicks the 'Install Now' button of the fraudulent notifications of, instead of receiving a supposed update he may unknowingly permit to download and install potentially unwanted program (PUPs) to the PC.


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