LoveSportsSearch Description

No matter what features LoveSportsSearch may boast as having, the simple truth is that the application is little more than a browser hijacker. Its main purpose for existing is to generate artificial traffic towards a promoted address. Users who either willingly or not have LoveSportsSearch installed on their systems will feel the presence of the application almost immediately as it wastes no time in taking over their default Web browser.

LoveSportsSearch follows a browser hijacker application's typical behavior - it takes control over certain browser settings and prevents the user from changing them back to their original state. The settings in question are the homepage, the new page tab, and the default search engine. All three will be set to open, the address of a fake search engine. Afterward, wherever the user simply opens the browser or initiates a search query, it would immediately result in traffic being generated toward the promoted address.

And make no mistake, is indeed a fake search engine as it lacks the functionality to produce any search results on its own. Instead, it takes the user's search queries and redirects them through, a legitimate search engine. Nonetheless, LoveSportsSearch could inject third-party advertisements into the list of displayed search results.

Another red flag associated with having a browser hijacker present on your computer is the fact that most applications of this type also are capable of harvesting various private data. While most are content with accessing the browsing and search history, clicked URLs, IP address, and geolocation (which is still a major privacy concern), others attempt to dig even deeper attempting to access banking and credit card details. It is recommended to remove LoveSportsSearch as soon as possible.

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