The Looksslike.com domain is not recommended to Web surfers as it is used to push advertisements and fake updates to Adobe Flash to users. The Looksslike.com domain often changes its IP address, and it loads content from the IP address at the time of writing. The Looksslike.com domain is linked to two other IP addresses, multiple subdomains and numerous redirect URLs. Looksslike.com appears to be used for questionable marketing practices and display of pop-up/pop-under windows, banners, dialog boxes, in-browser notifications and transitional page advertisements.

PC users that are often redirected to Looksslike.com and can't seem to close the browser tabs with Looksslike.com might be infected with a browser hijacker. Also, some pages related to Looksslike.com may include a JavaScript that prevents the Web surfers from leaving until they agree to install a sponsored program and subscribe to notifications from a list of sites. Browser hijacking applications typically edit your browser shortcut, but in some cases, they may drop a script to the AppData directory. You may want to use a reliable security instrument to remove the Looksslike.com browser hijacker and prevent unwanted redirect to connected pages. AV companies use the following detection names for content loaded from Looksslike.com:

Virus ( 700000131 )
Win32:Apanas [Trj]
malicious_confidence_100% (W)


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